Fixcurls Studio
The Hague

Our first studio.

Although Kelly started her very first salon at home in 2014, Fixcurls got professionally established as a brand in 2019 in this cosy salon that feels like home. They say “never forget where you came from”, well this is that place. A place well known to our very first clients who have been stuck around ever since there very first intake. Welcome to Fixcurls Studio The Hague.

Before you book your treatment.

Be well prepared.

After your order you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you want to cancel, this email contains a link to do so. Don’t wait too long as you can give someone else the opportunity to take over your spot.


Leersumstraat 165
2546 TJ Den Haag

Our hours

9:00 – 17.00
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone : +31614411782
WhatsApp for questions.