The Fixcurls concept

“I don’t have enough time to do my hair every day” is something we get to hear a lot. At Fixcurls we only ask 30 minutes of your time for a full treatment* after your first intake, which will cost you €30,- only. We just simply don’t put on a show so you have more time to spend on things that really matter to you. Need a quick fix? We got you!

*Based on a vitamin treatment for a returning client. New clients will have to book an intake first.


The Intake | 60 Min. | €60,-

When you’re new to Fixcurls, we like to take our time to get to know you and your curls.
During the first part we will analyze your hair, wash it with a Final Wash*, check your protein levels and discuss your hair goals after which we’ll treat it with our Fixcurls Vitamin Boost. During the second half of this treatment we will create a personalized product hair routine tailored to your curly desires, teach you everything about the Curly Girl Method and answer all your questions.

*If necessary, we will provide a Final Wash.

Fixcurls Vitamin Boost | 30 Min. | €30,-

Keep your hair healthy and give your curls some extra power with our Fixcurls Vitamin Treatment.
Book this treatment once a month for extra definition and hydration. Want to speed up the growth process? Come back twice a month and book your next vitamin treatment in advance.

Brazilian Volume Cut | 30 Min. | 30,-

So, you’ve finally got your desired length, but your curls are getting way too heavy and less defined?
Save yourself some emotional drama as we maintain the length of your hair, increase the volume and
make you the center of attention with that big-hair-don’t-care-attitude. 

The Model Cut | 30 Min. | 30,-

Looking for a fresh cut? We can cut your hair in any desired shape or model.
Simply choose a cut you like from our Instagram page or discuss your ideas on the spot with our specialists. 

The Big Chop | 30 Min. | 30,-

Whenever your hair is too damaged and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to repair it, it’s time to start all over again.
We will cut your hair short to an accepted length and guide you through every step of the process to recover your natural hair. No worries, we’ve only done it a million times.

Styling | 30 Min. | 30,-

Add the styling to your treatment and we will style your hair with the products of your choice and blow dry your hair so you walk out the door with your curls poppin. Want to try out a new product? Also this is possible during the styling.

Trimming Ends | 10 Min. | 10,-

Want to get rid of your splitting ends?
Simply ask our curl specialist to check your ends on the day of your appointment.

Washing | 5,-

Sit back and relax while we wash your hair with a co-wash of your choice.

Kids Until Six

Because we totally understand having kids is fun but expensive, we maintain reduced prices for kids between 0 – 6 years old.

Kids Intake | 30 Min | €50,-
Fixcurls Vitamin Boost | 30 Min | €20,-
The Model Cut | 30 Min | €25,-